Air Source Heat Pumps for the Southwest

Looking for something different to a normal boiler system that supports renewable energy? Our team have the experience and skills to install Air Source Heat Pumps to your home or business.


What is an Air Source Heat Pump and how does it work?

In the same style as a Ground Source Heat Pump, an Air Source Heat Pump uses energy from the air to generate heat for your home or business.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by taking the heat from the air outside and moves this around your home as the main source of energy. This is almost like a refrigerator but in reverse!

The outside air gets blown into a network of pipes filled with a refrigerant. The air warms the refrigerant and turns the liquid into a gas which passes through a compressor – this increases the pressure. The compressed gas go through a heat exchanger, which warms the surrounding gas or liquid up in the process. When the air is warm, it is then circulated around the home.

Benefits of getting an Air Source Heat Pump

  1. They might save you money.
  2. Heat pumps save space and are kept outside with no fuel storage requirements.
  3. They don’t emit any dangerous gases.
  4. Heat pumps save carbon emissions.
  5. Heat pumps can provide both cool air in summer, as well as heating in winter.
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Frequently asked questions about Air Source Heating

Almost all buildings can have pumps fitted, apart from a block of flats. Air Source Heat Pumps are most commonly fitted outdoors, so there needs to be an amount of space outside the building to allow for fitting. 

Yes. Air Source Heat Pumps can be installed with existing heating systems and be used to heat radiators. 

Yes, an Air Source Heat Pump can serve as a replacement for your boiler. While some households may maintain multiple heating systems for added safety, these pumps are intended to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional gas or electric boilers.

An Air Source Heat Pump in the UK generally costs around £6-8,000, depending on the size of the building it is intended to heat. However, there are government grants available to either cover or subsidise the cost of installing the unit. Please get in touch with us to find out more about this. 

The size of your pump will depend on the size of the area you are trying to heat. Air Source Heat Pumps come in a number of sizes and can heat a variety of buildings at a lower cost than gas or direct electricity. Please get in touch with us to find out more about your requirements. 

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